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The Last One… 13 November 2007

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Remind me never to go and cut my hair when i am hving PMS or having my period. I will do stupid things like cutting my fringe short or laying it till my hair look like a bird nest.

This is before…

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and this is now..

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Damn my itchy hands.. Should have just gone home instead of goin to the hairdresser.. Looks better with long fringe right? Tsk Tsk


Anyway second post after such a long break, i think i have officially lost my touch in blogging.. Not that i have written excellent blog posts which are able to win me the Pulitzer(is that how you spell that) Award. It is just that i just stop wanting to share.

Sure there are lovely and interesting things (to me that is) going on in my life but i decided that if anyone wanna know about them, then hear it from my mouth.. Not from this blog. What is the use of your mouth if you cant use it to communicate you joy, happiness, sadness etc etc. Typing out my thoughts just seems impossible for me to translate how i really feel at the moment.

With all the drama that happen with some blog post i have written before, hurting the feelings of some of the people around me.. I think enough is enough.

If i wanna blast somebody, i just do it right in their faces not on my blog. If i am sad and i wanna chat i will just pick up the phone and find someone to chat not ramble on some sob story on my blog which i will be embarrassed by the next time i see it.

I wonder am i typing all these out under the influence of my female hormones but i guess this will be the last entry for me. Maybe in a few months time i will be back at blogging again? Who knows.. But for now i wanna speak not type anymore..

Good Bye Bloggie

Bitching Again 10 November 2007

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It has been eons since i updated my blog. I guess i have been rather busy trying to revise on my homework cause i am rather scared of lagging behind in my studies.

Woke up feeling grouchy today. PMS maybe? Felt irritated when my mom decide to join the opposition party when i said i am going to go celebrate my friend’s birthday. Feeling pretty fucked up cause i haven been going out lately and when i do go out on weekdays i am out studying.

Then questions will come ask me why dont i tell my mother that i am out studying? Well.. Provided that i wanna hear her say “Dun bluff la.. You go study?!” then i will tell her. Feeling pretty fucked up now. Feel like strangling someone to quench the rage in me.

Damn la.. why am i accuse of going out constantly when i haven been doing so? Fucking pissed off. PISSED OFF!!!!

I am so not in a lovely mood today. Fuck.

K618i For Sale! 24 September 2007

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


– 1.9-inch medium resolution colour screen
– 2 Megapixel camera with autofocus
– MP3 player
– MP3 ringtones
– 16 MB of onboard memory
– Memory Stick Micro memory card expansion, 256 MB card bundled
– Bluetooth connectivity with dial-up networking, headset and stereo headset support
– USB 2.0 connectivity with charging support
– Tri-band GSM
– 3G with video calling
– 102 x 45 x 17 mm, 89 g

Wanna get this sweet phone? Brand New with charger and all accessories still inside it’s packaging.

Selling for 300 bucks. Price is of course negotiable. Contact me via my comment link or email me at bittersweet.min@gmail.com alrights!

Away 19 September 2007

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I will be away for awhile.

Take Care Everyone..

I hope i will be back soon!

Happy 6th 14 September 2007

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Happy 6th my love…

You make me a very happy girl each and everyday



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